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Mobile Loyalty: Breaking Through the App Clutter

Posted by Patrick Reynolds on July 01, 2015

[ Categories: Mobile Loyalty ]

App clutter is a real thing. Recent studies by Nielsen and Forrester highlight that while Americans have a large number of apps on their phones (26+ according to Nielsen), we use a comparatively small number (5 non-native apps). The rest? Destined for the trash bins of our digital lives.  

What characterizes the ones we use most? Utility and Engagement. 

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Ad Blocking vs. The Power of Permission

Posted by Patrick Reynolds on June 24, 2015

[ Categories: Advertising, Mobile ]

There has been much fanfare around new technology purpose-built on a simple, but economically powerful proposition— code that can slip by even the most sophisticated ad blocking technology.

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Differentiate Your Brand With Mobile-First Loyalty

Posted by Rachel Tinquist on June 18, 2015

[ Categories: Mobile Loyalty ]

Many brands follow the same old tried and true approaches to marketing and building brand loyalty - sending weekly email deals, offering loyalty and rewards cards and providing coupons for future purchases.  However, all of these efforts can fail to deliver real value, be overlooked - and most importantly, don’t differentiate from other brands.

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Loyalty Starts With You

Posted by Scott Weller on May 19, 2015

[ Categories: Mobile Loyalty ]

You’re convinced your loyalty program stinks. Your biggest competitor's program has a far greater value proposition (not to mention, they just launched a beautiful mobile app while your churn rate jumped 5% last quarter).

You feel like the CEO is breathing down your neck to really up your game.

You worry that you are late to the technology shift. You’re unsure what technology solution is right for your organization.  There are so many options.  

Don’t worry. You're not in over your head. Your loyalty program is probably not an unmitigated disaster. It just needs direction, aim and a mobile-first approach. 

The key is to start.

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Q&A with Sebastian Szczygiel of Huuuge Games

Posted by Ryan Hunt on March 04, 2015

[ Categories: App Developers ]

Huuuge is a next generation social casino network  built upon a promise to provide the most thrilling entertainment experience for casual gamers who love playing free-to-play casino games. How does Huuuge think about keeping these gamers engaged and what's next for their mobile strategy? To find out, we sat down with Sebastian Szczygiel, Huuuge's COO and President. 

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Mobile Is Shaking Up Traditional Loyalty Marketing Programs

Posted by Lars Albright on December 09, 2014

[ Categories: Mobile Loyalty, Marketing ]

Loyalty programs have been incredibly enduring — from that very first American Airlines frequent flyer program in 1981 to the Starbucks Card Rewards program nearly 30 years later. The average U.S. household now takes part in 21.9 loyalty programs every year, according to Colloquy research.

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A Relationship Is More Than A Moment

Posted by Paul Krasinski on November 06, 2014

[ Categories: Mobile Marketing ]

Sometimes it seems as if 2014 is the year of the “moment” in mobile marketing. But moments are, by definition, transient, short-lived and often irrelevant. A moment without a connection before or after it, with nothing to ground it, has no hope of driving genuine and lasting behavior.

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The 5 Golden Rules Of Mobile

Posted by Paul Krasinski on October 20, 2014

[ Categories: Advertising, Mobile ]

Mobile advertising is coming of age—at last. This year, it led the rise in total U.S. ad spending, with brands and publishers shelling out 83 percent more on smartphones and tablets than they did in 2013, according to eMarketer. That’s an increase of $8.4 billion.

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Q&A with Cameron Clayton of The Weather Company

Posted by SessionM on September 19, 2014

[ Categories: Mobile Loyalty ]

Weather is nature’s original mobile app: it happens to everyone, everywhere, 24 hours a day. Perhaps that explains why The Weather Company has been such a huge hit with mobile audiences. The company was an early mobile adopter, creating its first mobile team in 1999, and today The Weather Channel is the #1 weather app on all major platforms.

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Q&A with Ben Young, Co-Founder & CEO of Nexercise

Posted by SessionM on May 08, 2014

[ Categories: Mobile, Mobile Marketing ]

“Healthy living is 99% mental,” says Ben Young, the co-founder and CEO of the fitness app Nexercise. Young is a prototype for the modern entrepreneur: he earned a BS in computer science from Virginia, an MBA from the Wharton School of Business, and is a TechStars accelerator graduate. Nexercise grew out of his own struggles to maintain his weight and stay healthy while working at demanding job; the app helps people stay healthy by making their physical activity more fun and rewarding.

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