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Posted by Patrick Reynolds on July 28, 2015

The old model was long, linear, and often laborious.

Most marketing campaigns began with a Planner who would attempt to crawl inside the mind of the target— usually a composite of both demographics and psychographics wrapped up in a descriptive moniker: “Soccer Moms”, “Hard Hats”, “Urban Strivers”… as but a few examples.


After peering into the soul of the target, planners would then write a brief for the kind of messaging required to connect most profoundly with the intended audience.


Enter the creatives.

Teams of writers and designers would work for weeks to get the wording, imagery (even for radio), and most importantly, the USP just right. The Unique Selling Proposition was that signature feature or benefit that set the product or service apart from all competitors. 

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What’s In Style? Keeping Customers (And Keeping ‘Em Happy) Is The New Black

Posted by Lars Albright on July 21, 2015

Originally publishing in Adotas on July 17, 2015

Winning new customers is increasingly tough. Advertising, long the staple of that initiative for larger companies, has become an exercise in crawling through glass with the rise of media fragmentation, proliferation of subscription media, paywalls, ad blocking technology, and mobile behavior which has turned much media consumption from passive and one-way to (very) active and two-way.

While winning new devotees has become harder, nobody has offered relief on the topline. Growth is still required. So where does that leave you?

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3 Ways A Mobile-First Approach Strengthens Your Brand

Posted by Rachel Tinquist on July 17, 2015

The average person checks their phone around 150 times per day, according to a study by Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers. This near-constant connectivity without a doubt impacts all of their habits and processes for decision-making -- including shopping. As a result, brands need an omnichannel approach to reach consumers, build relationships and create touch points throughout the customer journey, both online and offline.

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Are You Experienced?

Posted by Rachel Tinquist on July 16, 2015

Sometimes people get so wrapped up in the result, they forget about the process.

What are your business objectives? 

“Grow sales and increase profitability. Duh."

I refer to this as the “World Peace Conundrum”. Everybody is for it, but nobody’s really sure how to get there. 

It boils down to the process. 

Of course you want your customers to be loyal. Loyal customers are profitable customers, rich in revenue and without acquisition cost. In fact, they’re actually accretive in that they frequently acquire customers to your business themselves informally via word-of-mouth or more formally via social, affiliate marketing and so on. 

So how do you keep the customers you have and find more like them?

Consider the process. 

What products or services are most profitable or mission-critical for your business? What are the customer considerations or the deliberative process that leads to a successful purchasing decision? How do you know? Are there data breadcrumbs from your best customers you can follow backwards to begin scripting the type of experience (how they browse, what they buy, what offers they respond to…) you’d like new customers to follow moving forward?

Get your data organized and visualized in such a way that you can separate the best customer wheat from the one-and-done chaff. Your best customers are your gold. They are to be celebrated, nurtured, and most importantly modeled. Note the high-value behaviors best customers do and endeavor to understand why.Then, motivate the rest of your customers and your prospects to follow in those golden footsteps and you’ll find they lead to the outcomes you seek. 

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The Power of Permission: Opt-in Ads

Posted by Patrick Reynolds on July 09, 2015

[ Categories: Advertising ]

The jig is up. When Apple intimates it intends to kill certain forms of advertising, you might think it’s just Tim Cook flexing because he’s got Dr. Dre standing behind him. But Steve Jobs said much the same. Repeatedly. 

Will Apple succeed in killing advertising? Not hardly. But they will put a ‘dent’ in it? Probably. Music is on their radar now. Then they’ll make the logical big push against television/video on demand. Nobody dies, but  indiscriminate, one-too-many mass marketers should get ready to take a haircut. 

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Mobile Loyalty: Breaking Through the App Clutter

Posted by Patrick Reynolds on July 01, 2015

[ Categories: Mobile Loyalty ]

App clutter is a real thing. Recent studies by Nielsen and Forrester highlight that while Americans have a large number of apps on their phones (26+ according to Nielsen), we use a comparatively small number (5 non-native apps). The rest? Destined for the trash bins of our digital lives.  

What characterizes the ones we use most? Utility and Engagement. 

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Ad Blocking vs. The Power of Permission

Posted by Patrick Reynolds on June 24, 2015

[ Categories: Advertising, Mobile ]

There has been much fanfare around new technology purpose-built on a simple, but economically powerful proposition— code that can slip by even the most sophisticated ad blocking technology.

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Differentiate Your Brand With Mobile-First Loyalty

Posted by Rachel Tinquist on June 18, 2015

[ Categories: Mobile Loyalty ]

Many brands follow the same old tried and true approaches to marketing and building brand loyalty - sending weekly email deals, offering loyalty and rewards cards and providing coupons for future purchases.  However, all of these efforts can fail to deliver real value, be overlooked - and most importantly, don’t differentiate from other brands.

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Loyalty Starts With You

Posted by Scott Weller on May 19, 2015

[ Categories: Mobile Loyalty ]

You’re convinced your loyalty program stinks. Your biggest competitor's program has a far greater value proposition (not to mention, they just launched a beautiful mobile app while your churn rate jumped 5% last quarter).

You feel like the CEO is breathing down your neck to really up your game.

You worry that you are late to the technology shift. You’re unsure what technology solution is right for your organization.  There are so many options.  

Don’t worry. You're not in over your head. Your loyalty program is probably not an unmitigated disaster. It just needs direction, aim and a mobile-first approach. 

The key is to start.

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Q&A with Sebastian Szczygiel of Huuuge Games

Posted by Ryan Hunt on March 04, 2015

[ Categories: App Developers ]

Huuuge is a next generation social casino network  built upon a promise to provide the most thrilling entertainment experience for casual gamers who love playing free-to-play casino games. How does Huuuge think about keeping these gamers engaged and what's next for their mobile strategy? To find out, we sat down with Sebastian Szczygiel, Huuuge's COO and President. 

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