4 Problems Loyalty Marketing Automation Solves for Retailers

Consumer sentiment is clear: the current loyalty model is not working. There is an expectation that brands will engage with customers in a highly personalized manner at the time and channel of the customer’s preference. And despite knowing this expectation exists, most companies are nowhere near delivering on it. This is in part due to many of these offending companies lacking the technological resources to adequately address customer demands. Fear not though retailers--we understand your plight, and are happy to tell you there is a solution: loyalty marketing automation. In this post, we’re breaking down four problems loyalty marketing automation solves for retailers.


How Hotels Can Strengthen Customer Relationships

In the competitive travel and hospitality industry, hotel chains must think and act with the personal touch of a B&B proprietor in order to keep guests coming back again and again. Even with thousands of guests checking in and out of different properties across the globe every day, there are some tactics hotel chains can leverage to make every interaction with every customer on every channel feel unique and tailormade.


How the Worst QSR Apps Can Improve Customer Loyalty & Engagement

Back in June 2016 ARC analyzed the mobile user sentiment of the native Android and iOS apps of 55 of the top 100 restaurant brands. In order to qualify for the analysis, brands had to have a native Android and/or iOS app with a statistically significant cumulative volume of app store reviews. ARC ranked the chains based on a weighted average of their Android and iOS mobile user sentiment scores (see image below).


Customer Engagement Gone Wrong: When Bad Things Happen to Good Brands--Neiman Marcus

A couple weeks ago we discussed the pitfalls of West Elm’s customer engagement strategy. This week we’ll visit the scene of the customer engagement crime of another otherwise wonderful brand--Neiman Marcus--and try to provide some guidance using our experience helping hundreds of other brands correct similar infractions.


3 Things Your Hotel's Rewards Program Isn't Doing (But Should Be)

  WalletHub recently published a comparison of the 12 largest U.S. hotel chains’ rewards programs to help consumers navigate the confusing realm of points and status tiers. The results of the comparison, which looks at 21 metrics, including point values, expiration policies, booking blackout dates and brand exclusions, reveal which hotel loyalty programs are the most beneficial for consumers in particular areas and overall.