How the T-Mobile Domino’s Disaster Could’ve Been Mobile Marketing Magic

Earlier this month T-Mobile rolled out their “T-Mobile Tuesdays” app, designed to surprise and delight customers with new freebies and perks each week. A couple weeks ago a deal offering free Domino’s pizza delighted customers so much that the pizza chain had to pull out of the promotion due to the overwhelming demand. According to TechCrunch, Domino’s couldn’t handle the increase in order volume (Domino’s stores generated three to four times the volume of typical sales for a Tuesday).  


Why Your Company Needs Total Loyalty Awareness for the Mobile-First World

You’re convinced your loyalty program stinks. Your biggest competitor's program has a far greater value proposition (not to mention, they just launched a beautiful mobile app while your churn rate jumped 5% last quarter). You feel like the CEO is breathing down your neck to really up your game. You worry that you are late to the technology shift. You’re unsure what technology solution is right for your organization.  There are so many options.   Don’t worry. You're not in over your head. Your loyalty program is probably not an unmitigated disaster. It just needs direction, aim and a mobile-first approach.  The key is to start.


Re:Engage: How to Reconnect with Inactive Users

Let’s say your app has two million installs and you’re looking to add your next 200,000 active users. Which sounds like a better way to go? 1) Spend a million dollars to blanket the mobile web with ads until you get 200,000 new downloads. 2) Go back to the million or so inactive users who already installed your app and turn 20% of them into active users. If you said “2,” then you know why SessionM has created Re:Engage. It’s a new feature that uses data, testing and smart messaging to reconnect with your inactive users and bring them back into action.