Groundhog Day: Customer Engagement Mistakes Marketers Keep Making

A lot of marketers keep making the same mistakes over and over -- forgetting who they’re dealing with, not considering their customers’ perspectives, making it a one way relationship. To avoid everyday frustration and achieve real fulfillment marketers need to realize what Phil Connors did and make it about the other person. Here are four of the failed Philisms marketers keep committing and what to do instead.


How Fitness Centers Can Improve the Member Experience

The fitness industry has undergone a significant change over the past several years. The rise in popularity of programs such as Spinning, CrossFit and Barre have revolutionized the space. Different classes mixed with more adept technology have blended together to create a dramatically different customer experience. However, most fitness centers, health clubs and gyms struggle to recognize their individual members across touchpoints, and fail to provide them with relevant content that keeps them engaged off-premise and motivated to come back.


Disruption in Retail: Customer Relationship Management Intersects the Internet of Things

We are living in the breakout period of big data and the proof is all around us. Every day the digital devices we interact with become smarter and more personalized, improving how they anticipate our needs and desires. The technology leap of utilizing unimaginable amounts of data has modified consumer behavior; customers expect interactions with brands to be as natural and intelligent as the interactions with their phones and apps.


Customer Personalization: The Good, Bad and Ugly of 2017

In 2017 we learned how important customer personalization truly is; according to Accenture the retail industry lost out on $756 billion due to a failure to personalize. To add insult to injury the same study showed that 44% of US consumers became frustrated when companies failed to provide relevant personalized experiences. . The good news is that 2017 is over and in 2018 marketers can use their new budget to create a smarter engagement strategy! With this in mind we wanted to look back at the past year and point out a brand doing personalization right, another one that needs a bit of work and a couple that are dangerously behind the eight ball.


Top 5 Customer Data and Engagement Trends for 2018

Customer data and engagement strategies have evolved dramatically in the last few years and will continue to accelerate in 2018. According to Martech Advisor, the customer data platform industry is expected to grow at least 50% per year in the near future, reaching over $1 billion total revenue by 2019. Before your 2018 budget is allocated, check out our predictions for the five biggest difference makers in customer data and engagement.