How to Motivate QSR Customers to Create Profiles

We understand how crucial it is that your QSR app has stellar ratings, that it has a lot of cool features, and that a certain percentage of sales are made through the app, but none of these metrics will mean much if people aren’t converting from web to mobile accounts. Getting consumers to take that next step and reveal themselves can be challenging, but we’ve got a few tips to help you motivate more QSR customers to create profiles (and build loyalty in the process!).


Best Practices To Deliver Best QSR App Customer Experience

Quick service restaurants have a massive opportunity to capitalize on the rapid adoption of mobile among consumers to increase engagement and foster loyalty. Quick service restaurant apps are the most popular within the foodservice category. So what can QSRs do to replicate the success of the best of the best? Keep reading to learn four must-do best practices to deliver a best-in-class QSR app experience:


The T-Mobile Domino’s Disaster Could’ve Been Mobile Marketing Magic

Earlier this month T-Mobile rolled out their “T-Mobile Tuesdays” app, designed to surprise and delight customers with new freebies and perks each week. A couple weeks ago a deal offering free Domino’s pizza delighted customers so much that the pizza chain had to pull out of the promotion due to the overwhelming demand. According to TechCrunch, Domino’s couldn’t handle the increase in order volume (Domino’s stores generated three to four times the volume of typical sales for a Tuesday).  


Why Chick-fil-A’s “Mom’s Valet” Misses the Mobile Mark

Quick service restaurant chain Chick-fil-A is rolling out a concept designed to make the food-ordering experience less hectic for customers with young children. BusinessInsider reported that through this new service--called “Mom’s Valet”--parents order their food at the drive-thru with the kids still buckled in their car seats, park the car, and come inside with their brood to find a table waiting for them and a Chick-fil-A employee ready to serve their meal. 


QSR Consumer Loyalty Survey [Infographic]

The quick service and fast casual restaurant industry is one of the fastest growing and profitable industries in the US with 2014 sales reaching over $179 billion. But with profits come challenges. This category faces tough consumer demands for higher quality and more options, increased costs due to the rising prices of commodities, decreased margins, and above all, a rapidly saturating market. A brand's greatest asset is its customers, especially in a competitive marketplace. Loyal customers are valuable for not only the obvious reason that they generate more revenue and (when treated well) serve as evangelists for your business, but also the insights brands can glean from their habits and behaviors to inform a strategy for keeping them happy, as well as acquiring more of them. Aligning these two pieces is the key to building brand loyalty. The infographic below highlights key statistics about diner habits and behavior that quick service and fast casual restaurants can use to do just that!