How to Engage Out-of-Market Fans

Being a sports fan is emotional. As the team goes, so goes its fans. Fans want to know all about the players and everything that’s happening and receive updates as they happen, so they can feel as close to the team as possible. A top priority for sports organizations is expanding their fan base. Fans living in the local-market can easily catch a game and buy apparel and merchandise in a local pro-shop. There is also plenty of advertising, discussions of the team in local media, and a variety of other events to keep the team top of mind and attract new fans. But what about your fans who don’t live locally? How can you keep those out-of-market fans engaged and valued? Let’s walk through a few ideas.


How Sports Teams Can Increase Revenue with Personalized Engagements

Your fans may have a love of the game in common, but in order to sell tickets, merchandise and concessions, you can’t treat them all the same. Season ticket members are a different breed than partial season ticket members and non-members are different still. The key to gaining the most revenue out of each segment of your fanbase is to deliver the best, most relevant engagement on the best, most relevant channel based on what the data tells you. In this blog post, we’re taking a look at some examples of how sports teams can drive ticket sales and revenue from in-stadium purchases.


4 Customer Data Management Use Cases for Sports Teams

Sports teams are collecting a ton of customer data from all types of channels. However, putting that data to action is a major challenge for many of them. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at how an advanced customer data management solution can help address some of the most common limitations holding sports teams back from achieving a single customer view to deliver personalized engagements at the moment of impact. Keep reading to understand four customer data management use cases specific to the sports the industry.