How Hotels Can Strengthen Customer Relationships

In the competitive travel and hospitality industry, hotel chains must think and act with the personal touch of a B&B proprietor in order to keep guests coming back again and again. Even with thousands of guests checking in and out of different properties across the globe every day, there are some tactics hotel chains can leverage to make every interaction with every customer on every channel feel unique and tailormade.


3 Things Your Hotel's Rewards Program Isn't Doing (But Should Be)

  WalletHub recently published a comparison of the 12 largest U.S. hotel chains’ rewards programs to help consumers navigate the confusing realm of points and status tiers. The results of the comparison, which looks at 21 metrics, including point values, expiration policies, booking blackout dates and brand exclusions, reveal which hotel loyalty programs are the most beneficial for consumers in particular areas and overall.


How Mobile Marketing Impacts the Travel Industry [Infographic]

Mobile travel booking is on the rise and expected to grow to 76.3% (vs. just 45.9% in 2015) -- which means $94.03 billion in sales vs. just $52.03 billion this year (eMarketer). And according to Google Analytics, conversion rates have increased 88% on mobile travel sites in the past year. These upward trends point to yet another way in which mobile marketing is changing people's behavior throughout the customer journey. We wanted to gain a deeper understanding of the specific ways in which smartphones impact travelers' decision-making, so we went straight to the source with a two part survey. Check out the infographic below to see the insights we uncovered from over 10,000 consumers!